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fresh from our fields this week

We’ve been growing organic veg since 1987 and offer a whole range of veg, fruit, meat and more, fresh from our farm. Everything we grow and sell is organic. Choose from the pick of this week’s crops, grown for flavour.

organic raspberries

UK raspberries

Plump, sweet and juicy.

£ 3.45
Raspberries 150g
organic french

homegrown beans

Summery crunch and flavour.

£ 2.75
French beans 300g
pickled jalapeňo chilli kit

jalapeno pickling kit

Pickled jalapeňo chilli kit
£ 9.95

DIY pickled chillis, packed with Guy’s jalapenos, ingredients and instructions. They pep up nachos and Mexican dishes a treat.

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organic combobox

mixed meat & vegboxes

Sort the week’s organic meat and veg in one fell swoop.

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beef roasting joint

the best sunday roast

Beef roasting joint 1kg
£ 16.45

A succulent beef roasting joint from the Riverford butchery. Great value, lean and tender.

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summer vegetable & harissa tagine

tuesday 26th august 2014

chunky tomato & courgette pasta bowl

monday 18th august 2014

runner beany herb linguine

tuesday 5th august 2014

courgette, lemon & poppyseed cake

monday 4th august 2014